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Boredom is killing drivers on America's roads

When you think of things that are fatally dangerous to drivers in Rhode Island, you probably think of the usual suspects: drunk drivers, distracted drivers, teen drivers and freak accidents. These are all dangerous in their own way, but don't overlook a far more common issue:


You can't avoid emotions, but they don't have to rule a divorce

If you're feeling emotional about your impending divorce, you likely can't avoid it. This is a time of change. Even if you want to split up, it's an ending. That stage of your life is complete. You may feel happy, sad, angry or frustrated -- or all of those.

They key thing to remember is that you don't want your emotions to rule the divorce. They can lead to serious mistakes.

Seat belt use could impact injuries and legal claim outcomes

When Rhode Island residents get in a hurry, they may not always take the proper steps to ensure their safety. In some cases, this may mean that you start up your vehicle without first putting on your seat belt. Once you realize your oversight, you certainly take the time to buckle up. However, even just a few moments without a seat belt could put you at serious risk.

If you find yourself in a car accident, having your seat belt on could prevent you from suffering severe or even fatal injuries. Additionally, whether you wore your seat belt could also play a role in the amount of compensation you could potentially receive if you chose to file a personal injury claim after a serious crash.

Many police deaths caused by traffic accidents

Being a police officer is dangerous. When you think of the ways that officers pass away on the job, you likely imagine shootouts and other such violent crimes. While these things certainly do happen, it's worth noting that many police deaths are simply from car crashes.

Take 2010, for example. Across the entire country, 160 police officers passed away during the year. A full 73 of those officers died in traffic accidents. While that's not quite a majority, it is a huge percentage when considering that it's almost as many as all other types of death combined.

What are commingled assets?

Commingled assets are assets that you and your spouse likely have to split up when you get divorced. They're no longer owned by just one of you, but by both, and therefore have to be divided accordingly.

For instance, after your wedding, you close your bank account and have your name put on your spouse's account. You reroute your direct deposit payments from work so that they land in that account, as do your spouse's payments.

Gender discrimination keeps innovative tech companies primitive

As a woman, you may feel inspired by the many accomplishments that individuals of your gender have achieved. You may also recognize that women often face a considerable amount of discrimination throughout various areas of life. Though you may work hard and feel that you have earned a rightful place in a typically male-dominated field, you could also fear that discrimination from others could potentially work against you.

One area that continues to rise and play a role in numerous people's lives involves the technology industry. This industry often needs new employees with innovative ideas to continue to thrive. However, typically, many tech-related companies -- such as Google -- have been accused of a tendency to show discriminatory actions toward women.

Don't let divorce turn you and your spouse into enemies

Divorce feels like it's you against your spouse. It's set up to be one team against the other, you against your opponent. You feel like you're trying to get what you want and deserve, while your spouse is trying to take it away.

Sometimes, these feelings spring from the manner in which the divorce was requested. You wanted to try to make things work, for instance, while your spouse decided to call it off. You feel like your spouse is trying to ruin your life and take away everything you expected to have forever.

3 tips to help avoid a dog bite

You go jogging every other day, and you've seen plenty of dogs off their leashes in and around your neighborhood. You're always a bit worried that one is going to charge you and attack. Every time one looks up or starts trotting over, you get a bit nervous and start wondering what you can do to keep from getting bitten.

Below are three critical tips from the Humane Society. They may not prevent all bites, but they can help.

Your age shouldn't count you out of your job

Age discrimination is illegal, but sadly, some Rhode Island workers may find that they experience this type of treatment from an employer. Your age should not preclude you from a certain type of employment or continuing with the job you already have, but it may be necessary to fight to protect your interests. If you believe that you are the victim of age discrimination, you do not have to stand for it.

Victims of any type of discrimination or harassment in the workplace may feel helpless and hopeless regarding their situations. However, you have the right to seek help and fight back. No matter how old you are, you are more than just a number and should be treated as such.

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