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Divorces peak following winter and summer family vacations

Is there really such a thing as divorce season? Many people tout this term, but is it really true? In some instances, it is true. There seems to be a pattern in divorces and it tends to follow two major seasons; winter and summer. Many families go on vacations during the winter and summer seasons. This is when divorces tend to skyrocket, following the family vacation.

Many couples try to save their marriages during the holiday season, or by going away on a family vacation, hoping that everything will right itself. More often than not, the return home is not the same as before and the attitudes change since vacation is now complete. The high expectations of the vacation might have also not been met, which can lead to disappointment, resentment and other feelings. This leads to a jump in divorces in the months of March and August.

Who is covered by the Family and Medical Leave Act?

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) protects employees who need to leave work for up to 12 weeks per year without risking losing their job. The law, which was created at the federal level, also requires that employers keep an employee's health benefits active while the employee is on leave, just like if he or she was still on the job.

The FMLA applies to all employers who have 50 or more employees who worked at least 20 weeks during any given year. All federal, state and local agencies as well as schools, must offer FMLA leave to their employees -- no matter the size of their staff.

Divorce, retirement and how you can keep your future plans intact

Divorce will certainly bring many significant changes for both parties in a Rhode Island couple, and finances are no exception. It is completely normal to have concerns over issues regarding long-term savings and stability after divorce, and as a result, much of the conflict involved in divorces relates to money to some degree. 

As you navigate these sensitive issues, you may not want to think only about your current financial circumstances, but also your future needs. Temporary emotions and disputes should not cloud your judgment or have a lasting impact on your final divorce order. When it comes to long-term savings, such as retirement, you need to know how to protect your interests and your plans for the future.

Damages victims of Rhode Island car accidents can claim

Victims of car accidents in Rhode Island will go through a litany of emotions immediately following and long after the incident. These can include anger, sadness, worry, anxiety, stress and many more. One thing victims shouldn't have to worry about is the damages they can claim following the accident. Here are just a few car accident damages victims can recover.

One of the most important types of damages you can recover following a car accident is that of your medical expenses. You will be overwhelmed with medical bills for consultations, equipment, ambulance rides, hospital stays, in-home care and much more. Do not let these bills ruin your credit and financial situation, especially if you are out of work for an extended period.

Your rights as an employee and special needs parent

Being the parent of a child with special needs comes with a lot of responsibility. Not only do parents need to know how to properly care for their children, but they might not be able to leave their job to care for their children full-time. If parents still need to work, they should also know their rights as the caregiver of a child with special needs.

It is an unfortunate reality that many employers do not understand the time it takes to care for a child with special needs and work full-time outside the home. Because of this, many employees who are parents of special needs children might encounter discrimination or unfair practices in the workplace.

Girl requires surgery after saving boy from dog bites

A 10-year-old girl is in need of multiple surgeries after saving her 7-year-old friend from a vicious dog attack in Bridgeport. The two children were playing with a pit bull on Wednesday afternoon in a home, according to a police spokesperson, when the pit bull attacked the boy.

The police spokesperson said that when the dog attacked it bit the boy in the butt. Once the boy was able to get free from the pit bull he ran towards an open window on the first floor. He was planning to jump out of the window to get away from the dog.

4 actions that could violate your FMLA rights

Needing time away from work can make you and many other Rhode Island residents feel uncomfortable. You may have uncertainties about how to go about requesting time off or feel anxious that you could suffer negative repercussions for taking an extended leave. However, certain laws protect you from employer retaliation if you qualify for such protection under the stipulations of the law.

The Family and Medical Leave Act is one law that works to ensure that you maintain your job in the event that you suffer a serious medical issue and need time off. Though this information may bring you some comfort, you may wish to understand that your employer could potentially violate your rights under this law. If you feel that any of the following situations came about, you may have cause to take legal action.

What can I include in a prenuptial agreement?

Marriage is an exciting time in life that should be enjoyed to the fullest. You want to savor the moment, especially those leading up to the big day when planning. One of the most common plans that gets overlooked is the creation of the prenuptial agreement. So, what can I include in the prenup?

One of the biggest benefits of a prenuptial agreement is the fact that it allows you to protect yourself from your spouse's debt. If you know your spouse is entering the marriage with a ton of debt, no matter how it was accumulated, you can protect against it becoming your debt by stating so in the prenup.

Spotting sexual harassment in the workplace in Rhode Island

Sexual harassment to this day is still an issue in the workplace. Even with all of the laws in place protecting employees from this crime, people still find it necessary to harass others sexually. Sexual harassment can occur on purpose or innocently, which is when people tell jokes or don't mean any harm by what they say.

When a co-worker or supervisor makes comments related to another person's physical appearance or genitalia, sexual harassment has occurred. This happens more often than not in the workplace, with many people believing they were simply being funny or innocent when they made the comments. The stark reality is that there is no room in the workplace for these comments and they can truly harm others who hear them.

Fighting back against sex discrimination in the workplace

Despite state and federal laws banning discrimination and harassment in the workplace, Rhode Island workers may still face mistreatment while on the job. This is disheartening, and workers who experience any type of discrimination may be unsure of legal options and the most appropriate course of action. If you believe that you are a victim, it is not something that you must face alone.

Sex or gender discrimination is not only illegal, it could be grounds to take legal action against your employer. As a victim, you may find it beneficial to seek a full understanding of your rights, as well as how you should proceed as a person who experienced mistreatment on the base of your gender.

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