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Gender discrimination keeps innovative tech companies primitive

As a woman, you may feel inspired by the many accomplishments that individuals of your gender have achieved. You may also recognize that women often face a considerable amount of discrimination throughout various areas of life. Though you may work hard and feel that you have earned a rightful place in a typically male-dominated field, you could also fear that discrimination from others could potentially work against you.

Your age shouldn't count you out of your job

Age discrimination is illegal, but sadly, some Rhode Island workers may find that they experience this type of treatment from an employer. Your age should not preclude you from a certain type of employment or continuing with the job you already have, but it may be necessary to fight to protect your interests. If you believe that you are the victim of age discrimination, you do not have to stand for it.

Divorce, retirement and how you can keep your future plans intact

Divorce will certainly bring many significant changes for both parties in a Rhode Island couple, and finances are no exception. It is completely normal to have concerns over issues regarding long-term savings and stability after divorce, and as a result, much of the conflict involved in divorces relates to money to some degree. 

4 actions that could violate your FMLA rights

Needing time away from work can make you and many other Rhode Island residents feel uncomfortable. You may have uncertainties about how to go about requesting time off or feel anxious that you could suffer negative repercussions for taking an extended leave. However, certain laws protect you from employer retaliation if you qualify for such protection under the stipulations of the law.

Fighting back against sex discrimination in the workplace

Despite state and federal laws banning discrimination and harassment in the workplace, Rhode Island workers may still face mistreatment while on the job. This is disheartening, and workers who experience any type of discrimination may be unsure of legal options and the most appropriate course of action. If you believe that you are a victim, it is not something that you must face alone.

Seek compensation for your motorcycle accident injuries

We often see motorcycles on Rhode Island streets, especially this time of year and throughout the summer. Whether you use a motorcycle as your regular form of transportation or just for the pure enjoyment of it, riding this type of vehicle is not without risks. Getting in an accident while riding a motorcycle can have serious physical, emotional and financial consequences.

How can I know if I have a valid personal injury claim?

A car accident can suddenly interrupt and change your life, and the aftermath can be both overwhelming and frustrating. In the days and weeks to follow, you must decide how to move forward, and if you are seriously injured, how you will pay for the medical treatment that you require.

Should pit bulls be outlawed?

Pit bulls head the list of the most dangerous breeds of dogs, and for good reason. The Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery journal reported that more than half of all dog attacks involve some breed of terrier, including the American pit bull terrier, the American Staffordshire and the Staffordshire bull terrier. After your recent dog bite, you may not need a report to convince you of this.

I'm a victim of race discrimination: What are my options?

Workplace race discrimination in Rhode Island can surface in several ways, some more obvious than others. In any instance of discrimination on the basis of race, however, you can easily experience frustration and feel violated, in addition to losing out on potentially well-deserved employment opportunities. Fortunately, you can seek justice due to mistreatment at work because of your race.

Divorce mediation: Does it really work?

When the divorce papers have been filed, your natural inclination may be to brace for a war with your soon-to-be ex. However, the dissolution of your marriage does not have to be that way. Thanks to divorce mediation, you can work toward a settlement with your future ex without having to experience traditional litigation in Rhode Island.

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