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Damages victims of Rhode Island car accidents can claim

Victims of car accidents in Rhode Island will go through a litany of emotions immediately following and long after the incident. These can include anger, sadness, worry, anxiety, stress and many more. One thing victims shouldn't have to worry about is the damages they can claim following the accident. Here are just a few car accident damages victims can recover.

Boston named worst-driving major city in the country

Boston is first again, but many residents might not be happy with this one as the city has been named the worst-driving major city in the United States by an insurance company. A study was conducted by Allstate of 200 major cities across the country. The study found that drivers in Boston were most likely to get into an accident in 2017.

Rhode Island House to vote on potential new driver ed program

The Rhode Island House of Representatives is set to vote on a new driver's education program that would require the parents of teenagers to take the course. The parents would be required to take the course prior to their teens hitting the roads of the state.

What to do following a Rhode Island car accident

Car accidents can happen at any time, without warning and to the safest of drivers. You can only be as safe as the other drivers on the roads of Rhode Island. No matter how much you practice safe driving, you cannot dictate how others around you operate their vehicles. This can be a frightening realization, but one you must understand. Here are some tips for you to put to use following a car accident.

What should I do following a motor vehicle accident?

When a car accident happens due to the carelessness of another motorist, your injuries might be serious, and your emotions may run high. However, in the midst of the chaos you may be experiencing, there are certain critical things you must do while at the motor vehicle accident scene and afterward. Failure to take these steps may harm your chances of getting the monetary compensation to which you are entitled in Rhode Island.

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