Executive Representation

As an executive, you are facing significant backlash from your employer when you attempt to enforce your rights. You know what you are entitled to receive and your protections under the law, but you fear you are at a disadvantage without a qualified lawyer. Unfortunately, this is often the case. Executives walk into negotiations and litigation without the representation they need to obtain the best possible outcomes. At Robinson & Clapham, we will not let you face your employer alone. With a top courtroom advocate and negotiator by your side, you will be on an even playing field and show that you are willing to go the extra mile to protect your interests.

We Will Find Customized Solutions To Address Your Dispute

We have represented senior-level executives from small and large companies to settle disputes. Our success stories include fighting cases involving:

  • Severance agreements
  • Compensation negotiations
  • Stock options
  • Discrimination
  • Whistleblowing

Even as a high-ranking employee, your rights can still be violated and you can be taken advantage of. You need an employment lawyer who has successfully defended executives and has the experience to take your case. You have a lot on the line, and our attorneys have what it takes to protect your interests.

Countless Executives Have Turned To Us For Representation

Various industry executives have counted on us since our firm's opening. It takes a skilled lawyer to represent employees in these types of cases and someone who is well-versed in the negotiation and litigation of executive disputes. Our lawyers have represented top-tier executives such as:

  • Chief operating officers (COOs)
  • Chief executive officers (CEOs)
  • Chief information officers (CIOs)
  • Chief financial officers (CFOs)
  • Company presidents
  • Boards of directors chairpersons

No matter your position, you can be sure as our client that your case will be handled by a lawyer who knows what your options and rights are.

Your Career May Be At Stake. Schedule A Consult With A Top Rhode Island Attorney

Tell us about your legal issue and what you need to move forward by calling 401-400-3841 or 401-594-4365, or by contacting us online. We represent executives throughout the state out of our Wakefield and Providence offices.