Fair Labor Standards Act

If you have a dispute with your employer about your working conditions or pay disputes, you may be covered under the Fair Labor Standards Act. A Wakefield Fair Labor Standards Act lawyer can explain when the Act applies and who may be covered.

What The Act Covers

As your Wakefield fair labor standards act lawyer can explain, the FLSA is administered by the U.S. Department of Labor. The Act encompasses a variety of things concerning wage and hour requirements. For example, under the FLSA, minimum wage is set at $7.25 per hour. As your Wakefield Fair Labor Standards Act attorney can discuss, your state may have a different minimum wage requirement. The Act also covers conditions warranting overtime pay, hours worked, and child labor.

Overtime Pay

In general, the FLSA mandates overtime pay for nonexempt employees who work more than forty hours in a seven day work week. As your Wakefield Fair Labor Standards Act attorney can explain, for those employees covered, overtime pay cannot be less than time and a half. Your employer may contract with workers to pay at a higher rate, but not less. However, only nonexempt employees are covered under this provision. Your Wakefield Fair Labor Standards Act lawyer can help you determine if you are exempt or nonexempt, but generally management and professional employees are considered exempt from this provision and thus not entitled to overtime under the Act.

If You Feel Your Employer Violated The FLSA

If you feel you were underpaid or asked to work overtime without compensation etc., you may have a wage and hour claim. We will review the circumstances with you and walk you through how to file a claim to protect your interests.

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