Health Care Fraud Whistleblower

Given the size and scope of the health care industry in the United States, it is all too easy for unscrupulous individuals and businesses to commit health care fraud. If you are aware of someone or a business taking advantage of the system through fraudulent health care billing, we encourage you to come forward. You may be rewarded for your efforts.

What Is A Qui Tam Claim?

Under what is known as a qui tam action, commonly referred to as whistleblower law suits, an individual with knowledge of fraud can come forward with crucial information that can bring fraudulent activities to light. Upon successful prosecution of a qui tam claim, the individual initiating the claim can be rewarded with a percentage of the recovered funds. This can be a very lucrative incentive when one considers the substantial amount of money that changes hands regarding health care.

Whistleblower cases can be brought in almost any industry. In the health care industry, some common ways fraud may be committed include:

  • Billing for appointments that never happened
  • Billing for more time with a patient than what actually occurred
  • Billing for tests that were unnecessary or that were not actually performed
  • Overcharging for goods or services
  • Kickbacks

We Can Help You Take Action To Expose Health Care Fraud

At Robinson & Clapham, we are strong advocates who understand the complexities of whistleblower cases and how to help people take action to stop health care fraud. We strongly suggest you come and discuss what you know with us before you take any action. We can help you understand the best way to move forward with a successful whistleblower claim.

Our focus is on preventing further fraud and helping you secure whatever portion of recoverable funds is available to you. It can pay very well to do the right thing and we are here to lend you our full support.

A Firm Protecting Whistleblowers And Qui Tam Claimants

Do not hesitate to take action if you have knowledge of health care fraud involving Medicare, Medicaid or another government health care program. Let us guide you and advocate for you. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 401-400-3841 or 401-594-4365 today or contact us online.