Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is much more common than many thought. Powerful people, in organizations from multinational corporations to small, family-run businesses, have acted in a way that places their employees in impossible situations. In many cases, there is a great deal of pressure to sweep such actions under the rug. If you have suffered sexual harassment, you must act before it is too late.

Robinson & Clapham is a firm of dedicated employment lawyers who will work with our clients throughout Rhode Island to protect their rights. Victims of sexual harassment have a finite amount of time to protect themselves and get compensation. Our team of attorneys serves as advocates for clients in these difficult situations.

Harassment Is Destructive

As shown by the many cases coming out of the #MeToo movement, sexual harassment has wide-reaching consequences. The victims are, of course, facing an uphill battle, but the organizations where the harassment occurred are also damaged. When management or fellow employees mistreat a person in the office like this, it puts the company in jeopardy.

It is important that organizations and employees understand the basics of sexual harassment so they can act against it. Sexual harassment can include:

  • Unwanted physical contact
  • Explicitly sexual comments
  • Inappropriate joking
  • Ignoring a person's ideas based on their gender
  • An expectation of sexual favors from management

Workplaces suffering from these actions are damaging to employees and huge liability risks for management and ownership. A strong response to sexual harassment will protect everyone's interests.

Resolving Tough Situations

Stakeholders, managers and employers all have a hand in building a workplace that is free of harassment. When that breaks down, our firm is there to bring about a resolution. Contact Robinson & Clapham today. We have offices in Providence and Wakefield. Our numbers are 401-400-3841 and 401-594-4365.