What Is A Hostile Work Environment?

A single disgruntled employee is one thing; an entire group of unhappy, unproductive workers is an entirely different issue. It is one of the signs of a hostile work environment. The attorneys of Robinson & Clapham have a reputation for protecting workers from the fallout of a hostile workplace. To help guide our conversation later, here is a brief primer on what a hostile workplace looks like.

Characteristic Hostility

So, you may ask, what is a hostile work environment? A hostile workplace does not necessarily have to feel hostile to everyone in it. In many cases, hostility inside the workplace can feel specific and targeted to an individual or a small group. To that end, you want to look for such signs as:

  • Loss of advancement: An employee who can no longer advance or receive better payment is an employee who sees the roof of their value.
  • Blacklisting: There are specific laws in place to prevent a company from blacklisting an employee, but it does happen. Blacklists are a form of harassment that follows an employee after they have left.
  • Favoritism: Does one person get all the best assignments and promotions? Is there an obvious favorite with the boss? That could lead to a great deal of hostility in the office.
  • Isolation: No office is completely secure. Gossip moves quickly, and an employee on the outs with management can soon find themselves isolated at work.
  • Low morale: In a workplace with serious questions about who can advance, is there favoritism, it is natural that morale and work energy will be nil.

The best places to work are happy and productive environments. Whether you are an employee or management, the key is to find out the central cause of the difficult environment and resolve it.

Workplace Harmony

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