Wrongful Termination/Severance Packages

If you feel you were discriminated against during the hiring process or unjustly terminated from your position, you may have questions about the impact accepting a severance package may have on your claim. Let our experienced team of attorneys at Robinson & Clapham assess your case, explain your options and help you take action.

Does My Employer Have To Provide Me With A Severance Package?

In some cases, when a company terminates an employee, it may offer a severance package or buy-out. In other instances, the package is negotiated as part of the initial hire or contract. Oftentimes, a company will offer severance as a way to entice an outgoing employee not to file a wrongful termination claim. We can review whether your contract entitles you to a severance package.

You May Waive Your Right To Future Claims In A Severance Package

If an employee accepts a severance package, he or she may waive any future claims against the company. This often happens in cases where the employee fully understands what he or she is signing and has his or her own attorney review the paperwork before signing the agreement.

It is much more difficult for an employer to obtain a valid waiver if there are allegations of discrimination. For the most part, if an employee suffered actionable discrimination (based on age, sex, race, disability, etc.), it's unlikely that he or she can validly waive his or her right to pursue that claim. This is true even if the employee accepts a severance package.

The best course of action is to discuss the issue with one of our lawyers before signing or verbally accepting anything your employer offers upon your termination.

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