High Asset Divorce

For couples with substantial assets, family-owned or closely held businesses, or other complex financial interests, going through a divorce can be both emotionally and financially challenging. Perhaps you and your spouse drafted a prenuptial agreement before getting married, or have multiple properties that need to valuated, sold or divided equitably; regardless of the circumstances, our lawyers at Robinson & Clapham can help.

High Net Worth Divorces Go Beyond Dividing Physical Assets

When separating, many people immediately think of dividing physical assets such as the house, cars or vacation properties. Although these are important, there are numerous other important financial matters to consider, including:

  • Stock options, IRAs, 401(k) accounts, pensions and other benefits
  • Trusts, as well as the revision of your will
  • Real estate and real property
  • Family businesses or other closely held businesses
  • Professional licenses or degrees that may increase earning potential
  • Child custody and child support issues
  • Spousal maintenance (alimony)

As your attorneys, we look to protect your personal and financial interests. In many cases, couples simply want to end their marriage and move on. However, by taking the time to fully discover, valuate and distribute assets, you can better protect yourself and ensure that you receive the property and assets that are most important to you.

You May Be Able To Settle Outside Of Court

It is common for couples to want to avoid litigation when going through divorce. Going before a Rhode Island judge is an intimidating experience for most people. We look to mitigate the stress and uncertainty by clearly outlining what you can expect. More than just attorneys, we are your advisers and support system whether we negotiate an agreement or take your case to trial. Mediation can be a valuable tool in lieu of litigation, and we can determine if it could benefit you.

Ask Questions, Receive Answers And Feel Confident In Our Experience

If you are considering filing for a divorce or have concerns regarding your family law matter, contact our Providence or Wakefield law offices by calling 401-400-3841 or 401-594-4365. We will sit down with you, listen to your story and help you protect your personal and financial interests. You can also reach us by completing and submitting an online contact form.