Personal Injury

After a serious accident, victims and their families should not have to deal with the uncertainty of whether or not they will be able to cover medical expenses, damages or recoup lost wages. By working closely with our experienced team of lawyers at Robinson & Clapham, we can help you and your loved ones secure compensation while navigating immediate and long-term challenges.

Proudly Representing Clients In An Array Of Injury Cases

Whether you have suffered an injury in a car or truck accident, or are coping with the loss of a loved one in a motorcycle crash, we will stand with you, explain your options and help you secure compensation.

Some of the most common types of accidents in Rhode Island we see include:

What Will Be Discussed At An Initial Consultation?

When we sit down together during a consultation, we will address concerns such as:

  • Medical evaluation and treatment: We will ask you about the medical treatment you have received and will need in the future and discuss the associated expenses.

  • Practical concerns: We will discuss issues such as the vehicle repairs, insurance coverage and how your bills will be paid.

  • Liability questions: We will discuss the accident with you in great detail so that we can conduct a thorough investigation such as the interviewing of witnesses, reviewing the police report and contact the insurance companies.

  • Accident reconstruction: We can discuss the benefits of using expert witnesses such as product engineers who can analyze the accident to determine liability.

Do Not Put Off Learning Your Rights. Contact Us Immediately.

It is important to act quickly and secure representation after an accident. Contact our attorneys at our Providence or Wakefield law offices by calling 401-400-3841 or 401-594-4365, or by completing an online contact form.