Car Accidents

Although it is not something most people dwell on, car accidents are everyday occurrences on Rhode Island roadways. To be prepared if such an incident occurs, a Providence car accident lawyer advises to avoid these two common mistakes:

  • Do not minimize the extent of your injuries
  • Do not rely on insurance companies to fully compensate you for your losses

Car Accident Injuries

Although some injuries are readily apparent, some injuries are what a Providence car accident lawyer deems to be latent; that is, they take some time to fully develop. Whiplash, brain injuries and even emotional issues are common examples of latent injuries. In either case, a Providence car accident lawyer will emphasize the necessity to fully realize all injuries and make the maximum medical improvement possible before any insurance settlement is discussed.


Rhode Island's insurance laws make it a "fault state." According to a Providence car accident lawyer, that means that as the victim of a car accident you can:

  • File an insurance claim with your own insurance carrier
  • File a claim with the liable party's insurance carrier
  • File a lawsuit directly against the liable party

Most people realize the other insurance company adjuster may be difficult to work with but are surprised and disappointed that their own insurance company is not much better. All claims adjusters are anxious to settle cases quickly and this most often works against the injured party's interests.

The Role a Providence Car Accident Lawyer Can Play

It seems counter intuitive for many to retain a lawyer for a car accident when they have been paying insurance premiums for so long. Several factors, however, should be considered:

  • An attorney will handle all the paperwork and negotiations so you can concentrate on your recovery.
  • Statistically, car accident victims represented by counsel recover greater compensation than unrepresented individuals.
  • A Providence car accident lawyer will take most cases on contingency; no recovery, no fee.

Our Experience Yields Results For You

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