Dram Shop Law

Restaurants and bars can be held legally responsible if they serve alcohol to a minor or a visibly intoxicated individual who leaves the establishment and causes injury to themselves or another person. As a liquor establishment, they must comply with certain rules and regulations. If they are negligent and break these laws, those who are injured and their loved ones can hold the individual as well as the establishment accountable. In many cases, dram shop claims occur after the drunk individual is involved in a car accident that results in injuries. No matter the circumstances of your case or extent of your injuries, our lawyers at Robinson & Clapham want to stand with you and take action against the establishment. They are required to abide by the law and must face consequences for breaking those laws.

No Detail Will Be Overlooked In The Investigation Process

Police records do not always indicate that the other driver showed signs of intoxication. It may take a thorough investigation to gather evidence of their intoxication and the bar's liability. This can require collecting photographs, witness statements, surveillance footage and any results obtained during a chemical test. Our Rhode Island lawyers have helped countless clients obtain compensation in dram shop claims against bars and restaurants, and we will create a strategy to help you.

Learn Who Is Liable Under Dram Shop Laws And Call Today

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