Construction Site Accidents

Construction sites are inherently dangerous places. A Providence construction injury attorney can explain that the most common dangers include:

  • The operation of heavy machinery and equipment
  • Working from the heights of scaffolding and ladders
  • The presence of live electrical wiring
  • The presence of debris

Not only do these conditions make construction sites among the most dangerous places to work, a Providence construction injury attorney emphasizes that the severity of the typical construction accident results in significant time off of work and in many cases permanent injury.

Workers' Compensation

Many people who are injured on a construction site are employees. Under most circumstances, as a Providence construction site accident lawyer will explain, the only remedy an injured worker has against their employer is workers' compensation. While worker's comp does pay for medical bills and some compensation for lost wages, it often is insufficient to fully compensate the worker for all they have lost.

Third-Party Liability

Upon investigation of construction site accidents, however, a Providence construction injury attorney will often uncover the potential liability of more than one party. For instance, in addition to the worker's employer, others who may share liability include:

  • The owner of the construction site
  • A general contractor or subcontractor who is not the employer
  • The manufacturer of equipment or machinery used on the site

A Providence construction site accident lawyer reports that even though a worker may file a workers' comp claim, they are not precluded from bringing a lawsuit for personal injury against a third party.

Independent Contractor

Confusion may exist as to the status of a worker, and many workers are in fact independent contractors not employees. If a Providence construction injury attorney can prove the worker was an independent contractor, workers' comp limitations are inapplicable, and the worker can file suit against any and all negligent parties.

When A Construction Accident Happens, We Are There To Help The Victims

The consequences of a construction site accident are often severe. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to receive the compensation the law entitles you to. Contact the lawyers of Robinson & Clapham to get the benefit of our experience with construction accident litigation. We can be reached at our Providence or Wakefield offices at 401-400-3841 or 401-594-4365. You may also use our online form.