Dog Bite/Animal Attacks

Thankfully, most dog bites are relatively minor. Some, however, can cause serious injuries that may result in permanent damage such as scarring. As a Providence dog bite lawyer emphasizes, this is especially true for young children who are more likely than adults to be bitten.

Liability And Negligence

The main issue in liability is whether the dog owner or the keeper of the animal was negligent and breached their duty to the dog bite victim. Some states are what a Providence animal attacks attorney characterizes as "one-bite" states and other states follow a strict liability approach. Under the one-bite rule, there are higher standards of proof to hold the owner or keeper liable for injuries if the dog had no history of aggression. After the first bite, the dog's aggressive nature is known. Strict liability does require proof, but at a far lower level.

A Providence Animal Attacks Attorney Explains Rhode Island Law

Rhode Island incorporates both concepts. An owner or keeper is strictly liable for any injuries occurring outside the dog's enclosure. If the injury occurred inside the dog's enclosure, a Providence dog bite lawyer will need to prove the owner/keeper knew about the dog's vicious propensity.


A dog bite victim is entitled to monetary compensation that will put them back in the position they were before the attack. Most often this consists of medical bills and pain and suffering but may include lost wages if applicable. A Providence dog bite lawyer emphasizes that Rhode Island law provides for double damages to be paid by the owner/keeper if the same dog bites a second time.

Other Considerations

A Providence dog bite lawyer can explain that any injury caused by a dog is covered under these laws, whether or not it's a bite. Also, in addition to a human, the injury sustained may be to another dog, domestic or any other animal.

Animal Attacks Should Not Stop You From Living Your Life

If you or a loved one has sustained a dog bite, as important as it is to seek medical attention, it is equally important to understand and protect your legal rights. Contact Robinson & Clapham at 401-400-3841 or 401-594-4365 to get a free consultation with a team of attorneys experienced with animal attack law suits. We will meet with you at a time that works for you.