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What to do following a Rhode Island car accident

Car accidents can happen at any time, without warning and to the safest of drivers. You can only be as safe as the other drivers on the roads of Rhode Island. No matter how much you practice safe driving, you cannot dictate how others around you operate their vehicles. This can be a frightening realization, but one you must understand. Here are some tips for you to put to use following a car accident.

Need a refresher to avoid accidents once boating season starts?

As we move into spring, many people in Rhode Island begin to think about getting back out on their boats. After all, one of the best aspects of living in the state remains getting out on its waterways. If you own a boat, you might start preparing it for the season soon. It also wouldn't hurt to refresh yourself and your family with boating safety. Understanding what causes most boating accidents helps with that effort.

What are the child custody laws in Rhode Island?

Child custody issues can arise no matter where you live, which is why you need to know and understand the laws of your state. Divorce is never an easy topic to broach in life, but it becomes even more difficult when there are children involved. Child custody issues can also arise when the child's parents don't get married in the first place. So, what are the child custody laws in Rhode Island?

Menaces on Rhode Island Roads

Have you ever been driving down a highway in Rhode Island when suddenly you see a nearby vehicle veering across the centerline of traffic or drifting off the shoulder of the road? If so, then you understand how stressful it can be to try to navigate the flow of traffic while keeping your eye on a potentially problematic situation. That type of driving behavior is often a sign of a drunk driver in the vicinity.

Planning a wedding? Plan to protect your future as well.

Getting married is a wonderful and fulfilling step in life, and during this exciting time, few couples wish to consider what will happen if the marriage ends. Prenuptial agreements are a common and relatively simple way for a couple to protect their interests in the case of a divorce, yet many Rhode Island couples forgo this step because they think it is planning for the marriage to fail.

What should I do following a motor vehicle accident?

When a car accident happens due to the carelessness of another motorist, your injuries might be serious, and your emotions may run high. However, in the midst of the chaos you may be experiencing, there are certain critical things you must do while at the motor vehicle accident scene and afterward. Failure to take these steps may harm your chances of getting the monetary compensation to which you are entitled in Rhode Island.


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