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Planning a wedding? Plan to protect your future as well.

Getting married is a wonderful and fulfilling step in life, and during this exciting time, few couples wish to consider what will happen if the marriage ends. Prenuptial agreements are a common and relatively simple way for a couple to protect their interests in the case of a divorce, yet many Rhode Island couples forgo this step because they think it is planning for the marriage to fail.

Taking the steps of drafting a prenuptial agreement is not planning to fail. It is simply making the necessary effort to protect your future and financial interests. In fact, drafting a prenup can help a couple break the ice and have important conversations about money before the marriage. This form of legal protection is for everyone, not just the wealthy or those with valuable assets.

What should you include in your prenuptial agreement?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to drafting a prenuptial agreement. Yours will consider your individual needs and your financial objectives. As you discuss the issues and specifics that you may wish to include in your prenuptial agreement, answers to the following questions can help you make these important decisions:

  • Will one spouse inherit a large amount of money?
  • Does one or both spouses have student loan debt?
  • Will there be a significant amount of debt brought into the marriage?
  • How will the couple divide marital debt in case of divorce?
  • How will the two parties divide marital property?
  • Who will be responsible for marital debt?
  • What will happen to family vehicles or family pets?
  • Will one spouse get alimony?

Discussing these issues beforehand provides a sense of transparency between the two parties before they marry. It is always prudent to have a contingency plan, and by doing so, a couple may save the time, money and stress that can come from litigation in case of a divorce in the future.

The importance of protecting your future

Making the effort to draft a prenuptial agreement before you marry is a smart way to protect the personal property rights of both spouses, but it also provides peace of mind as you take this important step and look forward to your married life together.

When taking steps that could affect your financial future, you would be wise to work with an attorney who can help you draft an agreement that is aligned with your needs and suited to your unique financial and legal goals.

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