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What should I do following a motor vehicle accident?

When a car accident happens due to the carelessness of another motorist, your injuries might be serious, and your emotions may run high. However, in the midst of the chaos you may be experiencing, there are certain critical things you must do while at the motor vehicle accident scene and afterward. Failure to take these steps may harm your chances of getting the monetary compensation to which you are entitled in Rhode Island.

Gathering information

Getting the personal information of each driver involved in the motor vehicle accident is critical. This personal information includes each driver's name, license number, phone number, address, license plate number and insurance information. The contact information of all passengers in the vehicles may also be beneficial to obtain. When talking to the other drivers and motorists, it is critical to remain as cooperative and cordial as possible.

Still, apologizing for anything that took place at the accident scene may end up causing you to harm your own case. This includes apologizing for running a red light or not seeing a stop sign, for example. When you make such statements, you might be unintentionally admitting your legal liability for the accident.

Talking to your insurance company

Following your accident, it is critical that you let your insurance company know that you have been involved in a car crash. During your conversation with the insurance company, it is beneficial to be honest about what took place and how severe your injuries are.

If the company later discovers that you told an untruth about anything that occurred, it may deny you coverage for the crash. It may also be helpful to obtain the police report filed following the accident so that you can show your insurance company which driver was at fault in the crash.

Recording your medical treatments

If you receive treatment from medical professionals, such as physical therapists, doctors or chiropractors, it is crucial that you make note of this. You may also want to ask for copies of all of your medical reports along with your medical bills so that you can easily prove your accident-related health care expenses in court.

In a successfully litigated personal injury lawsuit, you may be awarded damages that may help you to cover your medical costs, the loss of wages and other losses stemming from your Rhode Island motor vehicle accident.

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