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How do I know it's time for divorce?

Divorce is a major life event that many people will endure during their lifetime. Some will endure it more than once. There are couples that know they are headed for divorce. Then, there are others where it sneaks up on them. So, how do I know it's time for divorce in Rhode Island?

Common classroom accommodations for special education students

Having a child with special needs can be challenging, especially for those who don't know how much help is available today. That help includes the classroom. Special education classes provide accommodations and modifications for children with special needs in Providence, Rhode Island.

Medical expenses stemming from Rhode Island animal bites

Medical expenses can pile up quickly, even if you have health insurance. A common cause of out-of-pocket medical expenses is an animal bite. All types of animals can attack and cause humans plenty of pain and suffering. Today, we will discuss the medical expenses that stem from Rhode Island animal bites.

Employers may want to pre-plan for changes in medical leave laws

The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) gave many employees some important rights that help them balance the needs of family life against their need to remain employed. The most important benefit, for many, was the right to take 12 weeks of unpaid leave off to recover from childbirth, deal with the illness of a sick relative, or deal with their own illness.

I'm a victim of race discrimination: What are my options?

Workplace race discrimination in Rhode Island can surface in several ways, some more obvious than others. In any instance of discrimination on the basis of race, however, you can easily experience frustration and feel violated, in addition to losing out on potentially well-deserved employment opportunities. Fortunately, you can seek justice due to mistreatment at work because of your race.

Divorce mediation: Does it really work?

When the divorce papers have been filed, your natural inclination may be to brace for a war with your soon-to-be ex. However, the dissolution of your marriage does not have to be that way. Thanks to divorce mediation, you can work toward a settlement with your future ex without having to experience traditional litigation in Rhode Island.


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