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Common classroom accommodations for special education students

Having a child with special needs can be challenging, especially for those who don't know how much help is available today. That help includes the classroom. Special education classes provide accommodations and modifications for children with special needs in Providence, Rhode Island.

Setting accommodations are very important for children in special education classes. These accommodations provide the child the best learning setting, such as sitting near the teacher, taking a test in a small group, using special lighting or sounds, taking a test in a quiet room with no other students and using sensory tools to help the children expend their energy.

Students in special education classes sometimes need presentation accommodations to help them concentrate and learn. These accommodations can include any of the following:

- Record a lesson

- Listen to audio recordings instead of reading text

- Assign a designated reader

- Provide a lesson outline

- Provide a list of instructions

- Teach content using videos, recordings, digital media and audiobooks instead of reading text

Response accommodations in a special education classroom should include the following:

- Recording responses on an audio file

- Provide responses in an oral or written form, whichever is easiest for the student

- Use an electronic speller

- Use a table of math facts

- Use a processor to give responses or type notes

Timing accommodations are also important for students in special education classes. Timing accommodations include giving students more time to complete a project or test than other students, providing students with frequent breaks after completing tasks and allowing extra time for processing directions.

Other types of special education classroom accommodations and modifications include organization, curriculum, assignment and scheduling. All special education students in the state of New Hampshire are legally permitted to attain these accommodations. If any are withheld, speak with an attorney for your child's rights.

Visit our site today to learn more about special education and the common classroom accommodations for students in Providence, Rhode Island.

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