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Follow these important co-parenting tips

Just because you go through a divorce does not mean you want to end your relationship with your child.

While things will never be the same between you and your ex-spouse, you can still maintain a healthy relationship to ensure that your child is raised in the appropriate manner.

Here are several co-parenting tips to guide you:

-- Encourage your child to have a strong relationship with the other parent. You may not care for this person, but that doesn't mean your child should feel the same way.

-- Be polite at all times. Although you may be upset with the other parent for a number of reasons, it's important that you remain polite and cordial when communicating.

-- Don't make things more difficult by focusing on new partners. If your ex-spouse has a new partner, good for him or her. Don't bring this person into the equation when it comes to matters of co-parenting.

-- Do whatever it takes to be a good parent. If nothing else, you should always follow this one tip. It is always best to do whatever you can to be a good parent.

There is no denying the many challenges associated with co-parenting. Although your life will be different now that you are no longer married, you can still have a strong relationship with your child.

If you run into any issues with co-parenting, such as the other parent not letting you visit with the child, you need to learn more about your legal rights and the steps you can take to make things better in the near future.

Source: The Fathers' Rights Movement, "Co-Parenting 101: 5 Tips for the Separated Parent," accessed June 09, 2017

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