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Gender discrimination keeps innovative tech companies primitive

As a woman, you may feel inspired by the many accomplishments that individuals of your gender have achieved. You may also recognize that women often face a considerable amount of discrimination throughout various areas of life. Though you may work hard and feel that you have earned a rightful place in a typically male-dominated field, you could also fear that discrimination from others could potentially work against you.

One area that continues to rise and play a role in numerous people's lives involves the technology industry. This industry often needs new employees with innovative ideas to continue to thrive. However, typically, many tech-related companies -- such as Google -- have been accused of a tendency to show discriminatory actions toward women.


Though many areas of employment tend to see higher numbers of male employees than female employees, the tech industry has more recently garnered a considerable amount of attention for mistreatment of women. Numerous women have filed claims regarding unequal pay and less diversity when it comes to the male-to-female worker ratio.

One male Google worker even recently went so far as to create and circulate a document that indicated men had a more prominent place in the technology industry due to biological factors. Apparently, he believes that the different abilities between men and women on a biological level contributes to the male dominance of the industry. Therefore, he did not think that tech companies should put forth efforts to make their staffs more diverse when it comes to gender.

However, the tech giant company concluded that his actions exacerbated harmful gender stereotypes, and as a result, the man was terminated from his position. Unfortunately, other individuals outside the company seemed to believe that the man's point had merit, and many of those people apparently even considered boycotting Google as a result. This outcome clearly indicates a continuing disconnect when it comes to gender equality in the workforce.

Sexual harassment

In addition to acts of discrimination, women in the tech industry also reportedly face a substantial level of sexual harassment when on the job. This type of action can easily make employees feel uncomfortable, violated and even fearful for their safety. Though this type of hostile work environment would not exist in a perfect world, it remains an unfortunate reality for many women.

If you have faced discriminatory or harassing actions as a female employee or prospective employee in the tech industry, you may wonder how to address your situation. Information on employment law and legal options could help you better understand whether filing a claim may suit your circumstances.

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