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New England Patriots rookie and wife injured in car accident

A New England Patriots rookie linebacker was involved in a rear-end accident, and police are reviewing it to see exactly why it happened.

The linebacker and his wife were both injured and wound up in nearby medical centers. In total, five people were hurt. The linebacker ended up in Rhode Island Hospital, and he was recently allowed to leave to visit his wife as she got treatment. Neither have life-threatening injuries.

The police are working on an accident reconstruction. They are also weighing charges, perhaps including reckless driving, distracted driving or speeding. They just have to figure out how the crash occurred and what spurred it.

The charges will not be against the linebacker, though, as reports say his vehicle was the one that was hit from behind. He and his wife were driving in their 2011 Mazda at about 9:19 in the evening. They came to a light and stopped. They were in the left turn lane. A 2007 Toyota was also sitting at the light right in front of them.

That's when a man in a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee slammed into the back of their vehicle. The impact was hard enough to throw it forward into the Toyota, where it was pinned.

Police did say they think distraction may have been involved, especially because they think the man didn't intend to be in the turn lane at all. He may have been trying to drive in the through lane. The investigation will shed more light on the specific cause.

Injuries lead to many costs, from medical bills to lost wages. It's important for those who are injured to know what legal rights they have.

Source: The Boston Herald, "Pats rookie visits wife in hospital as cops review crash," Marie Szaniszlo, Oct. 19, 2017

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