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Did your employer violate your rights by firing you?

If you recently lost your job and feel that the events leading up to your termination may have violated your rights in some way, you are likely not the only person in Rhode Island currently facing such problems. No matter if you worked at your place of employment for decades or it was a rather new position you only held for a month or so, if you believe your employer wrongfully terminated you, you may want to seek justice.

As you probably are aware, employment law in most states includes employers' ability to hire and fire "at will," meaning your employer doesn't really need to have a specific reason for letting you go. That does not give him or her free license to obstruct justice, however. There are several issues that would constitute unlawful termination, in which case, you do not have to sit back and take it without a fight.

Types of situations that may signify wrongful termination

If your employer said or did something that you believe was illegal, there are definite steps you can take to rectify the situation. It's crucial to document exactly what an employer said or did that was unlawful, and it also helps to know where to turn for support when preparing to file a wrongful discharge lawsuit. The following information may be pertinent to your situation:

  • The law does not allow discrimination of any kind: If you were fired shortly after telling your boss you were pregnant, or if you believe you were fired because of your gender, race or age, you may have grounds for a wrongful termination lawsuit. 
  • Retaliation common in wrongful termination cases: Did you blow the whistle on your employer's wrongdoing or some other troubling situation in your workplace? If your employer fired you from your job after you reported a particular incident, you may want to speak to someone about filing a wrongful termination complaint.
  • Employers must honor existing contracts: If your job termination went against a contract you signed with your employer or an implied contract by verbal promise from your employer, it would likely fall under the wrongful discharge category.

Whether you wish to pursue justice because you want your job back or you simply want to seek legal accountability against your employer, you may be able to do either or both by reaching out for appropriate support. Careful documentation and timely reporting of such problems is often crucial to obtaining positive outcomes.

Many Rhode Island workers turn to experienced employment law attorneys for help because it's a lot less stressful to address such matters in court alongside legal representation than to try to go it alone.

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