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6 dog bite warning signs

The fact that a dog is about to bite is not always obvious. Sure, there are cases when a snarling dog charges a jogger or something else that makes it very clear the dog is on the attack, but many bites are rather unexpected.

The problem, experts note, is that people often miss the signs. The bite shouldn't have been unexpected; the dog's owners just didn't know what to look for. This could cause them to be negligent -- leaving a child alone with an agitated and dangerous dog, for instance.

To help you better understand the risk, here are six common signs to watch out for:

  1. A locked gaze, even while the dog moves his or her head. The dog won't look away from the person, indicating that the dog feels that person is a threat.
  2. Slow tail wagging. That wagging tail only means the dog is happy when there's a fast, relaxed, excited quality to it.
  3. A rigid body. The dog is poised and ready to attack or defend itself if it feels threatened.
  4. No eye contact. The opposite of the above -- a locked gaze -- can also be problematic. If the dog will never look at you and keeps turning its head, it may be nervous. This can lead to a bite out of fear.
  5. Yawning. Dogs often yawn when they're stressed, not tired.
  6. Raised fur on the back and neck. This is one of the most obvious signs, but it can be harder to spot if you're not familiar with the dog.

Did a negligent owner ignore the signs, and were you or one of your children injured as a result? If so, it may be wise to look into your rights to compensation.

Source: BarkPost, "6 Warning Signs A Dog Is About To Bite," Tori Holmes, accessed Jan. 10, 2018

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