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Fatigue, frustration and complacency: Factors in many collisions

Have you ever been cut off in your driving lane by a driver who failed to yield or someone who unexpectedly made a lane change in front of you? Such experiences can be downright frightening and often lead to a collision. Drivers who exhibit unsafe behaviors like these behind the wheel are often distracted. There are also many people in Rhode Island who have worked long hours without much sleep, as well as some who often get lost in their own thoughts when they drive.

Operator fatigue and distraction are major problems for nearby motorists and pedestrians. If someone driving a car near you happens to be daydreaming or thinking about a fight he or she had with a spouse the night before, there's really no way for you to know that. You may wind up in the back of an ambulance if that person's drifting thoughts result in a collision. To stay safer, it may be helpful to research more about distracted driving and also where to turn for support if an accident occurs.

Top causes of distracted driving accidents

Complacent drivers focus their attention somewhere other than the road. Thinking of things other than the task at hand while driving is listed as the top cause in distracted motor vehicle collisions that result in fatalities. The following list shows other types of distraction that also place you at risk for injury:

  • Eating and drinking while driving: Many people say they don't have time to stop and eat lunch, so they just eat on the go while driving. This is extremely dangerous and places drivers and all who share the roads with them at risk for injury.
  • Looking at things or people in surrounding areas: You've likely experienced times when traffic backs up and you later learn there was no other reason other than drivers gawking at some sort of off-road scene, perhaps debris from a recent accident or a festival in a parking lot visible from the road. Even looking at people in other vehicles can cause significant safety risks for a driver. These types of visual distractions often lead to collisions.
  • Adjusting radio knobs or using iPods: If you enjoy listening to music while you drive, you are definitely not the only one who does. However, the short amount of time it may take to adjust knobs on a radio or scroll through a play list can be enough time for a serious accident to occur.

There may come a time when you do everything you can to stay safe while driving, but another person's complacency, fatigue or other negligence causes a collision that results in your injury. Physical and emotional recovery can take a long time in such situations.

Many Rhode Island accident victims seek outside support in the aftermaths of distracted driving collisions. In addition to experienced medical teams, licensed counselors and other support groups, a personal injury attorney can also be a great asset to have on hand.

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