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Divorces require logical thinking, not emotional decision making

The emotional ties that you have to your family law case can make it difficult to think with a clear head about what direction the case is moving in. When you are dealing with the end of a marriage, you might be shocked by what you go through. You might feel happy that you can finally move on with your life, but you might feel upset that you don't have someone to share it with.

Ableism and disability discrimination at work may warrant lawsuit

As someone with a disability, you may consider your condition an important part of your identity. You may not feel as if you would be "normal" without your disability, and you have not allowed your disability to hold you back when it comes to living your life in the way you desire. Of course, despite your driven mindset, you likely understand that you cannot control the way in which other people view you.

Did you suffer injuries in a single-vehicle accident?

You may get into a vehicle as a passenger for many reasons. Perhaps a friend picks you up for a night out or maybe a friend of a friend plans on driving a group to an intended destination. In some cases, you may not even know the driver or know him or her well. Whatever the reason, you likely do not give much thought to simply getting in the passenger seat and buckling up.

What is a reasonable accommodation for a disabled employee?

Legally, an employer has to provide reasonable accommodations for employees who suffer from disabilities when these disabilities do not entirely prevent them from doing their jobs. The accommodation allows them to continue working and being productive at the company.

Special needs students can improve reading skills in the summer

Many people tend to discount what some special needs students are capable of. When the educators are the ones who are doing this, great problems can result. For the parents of any child who has an Individualized Education Program (IEP), the summer months might pose a unique problem. One study should give all parents hope for the summer.

Unfair wages? Consult the Equal Pay Act of 1963

If you're one of the lucky ones in Rhode Island, you may have a dream job where going to work every day is a pleasure. In reality, even those who love their jobs often encounter challenges in the normal course of duty. In short, some workdays are better than others are. However, if you are currently facing a problem that you believe is far more serious than the average workday mishap, you may want to carefully assess the situation to determine how best to proceed to resolve the issue.  


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