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Did you suffer injuries in a single-vehicle accident?

You may get into a vehicle as a passenger for many reasons. Perhaps a friend picks you up for a night out or maybe a friend of a friend plans on driving a group to an intended destination. In some cases, you may not even know the driver or know him or her well. Whatever the reason, you likely do not give much thought to simply getting in the passenger seat and buckling up.

Of course, any driver could cause an accident, and perhaps the individual driving the vehicle you were in ended up in this type of situation. Even if only one vehicle was involved in the incident, you could still end up suffering serious injuries.

Common causes of single-vehicle accidents

In many cases, multiple vehicles are involved in crashes, and many of the factors that contribute to single-vehicle accidents can also lead to multi-vehicle collisions. Some of the common causes of a single-vehicle wreck include:

  • Driving while distracted: If you notice that the driver keeps checking his or her cellphone, chatting with another passenger, or fumbling for objects around the car, you may want to speak up. These and other actions clearly indicate a distracted driver, which means an accident could take place.
  • Road conditions: The conditions of the roadway can often contribute to a single-car crash. Of course, if the driver does not take precautions to accommodate a wet or icy road, such as by slowing down, an accident could occur.
  • Animals on the road: Though it may seem heartless to hit an animal with a vehicle, it may be the best option when swerving to avoid the animal could result in a serious crash.

These examples are only a few factors that could lead to a single-vehicle accident. If a driver has consumed alcohol, drives at excessive speeds or disregards other safety measures, these types of crashes are also possible.

Can you seek compensation after a single-vehicle accident?

If you suffered serious injuries as a passenger after a single-vehicle crash, you might have legal options for seeking compensation. You could file a personal injury claim against the driver considered at fault for the incident. Information on taking this type of action may help you determine whether it could suit your particular circumstances. If a claim does prove successful, you may receive monetary awards for pain and suffering, medical expenses, and other damages permitted under Rhode Island state law.

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