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Parents need to address special learning challenges

Now that the summer months are here, it is time for parents to determine how their children will spend these months away from school. For those who have special needs students, this is going to be a challenging time. What many people don't realize is that these students are more likely to boost their reading skills during the summer months more so than their peers.

Should you seek damages for emotional duress in your claim?

A Rhode Island car accident can change your life in many ways, and it can leave you with injuries and damages that may have a negative impact for years to come. In addition to the physical injuries and scars you can see, there is unseen damage that you cannot see. Sometimes, the unseen damage can be just as significant as the physical damage.

Retaliatory terminations mustn't happen to good employees

Many different situations can lead to an employee being terminated. One that shouldn't ever fall into this category is retaliation. Employment laws forbid employers from being able to retaliate against employees when the person makes factual complaints related to things like sexual harassment or violations of laws.

Did a drunk driver in Rhode Island cause you injury?

Why should you bear the burden of medical expenses, car repairs or other costs associated with your car accident, if the person that hit you was drunk at the time? Considering the fact that many drunk driving collisions in Rhode Island result in fatalities, it's remarkable that you survived. Hopefully, you have a strong support team that includes close friends and family members, medical teams and others who can help you achieve as full a recovery as possible.  

Rhode Island takes a stand against sexual harassment

Lawmakers in Rhode Island have responded to the ongoing national fury over sexual harassment in the workplace with seven bills that are now ready to move forward. The overall goals of the bill are to strengthen the laws protecting victims and provide education about sexual harassment in general.

Injuries in car accidents can be minor to fatal

Car crash impacts can lead to very minor damage to a car or they can completely destroy the vehicle. While the condition of the car can clue people in to how serious the injuries might be, this isn't always the case. Instead, the injuries of the accident have to be properly evaluated to determine the severity.


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