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Did a drunk driver in Rhode Island cause you injury?

Why should you bear the burden of medical expenses, car repairs or other costs associated with your car accident, if the person that hit you was drunk at the time? Considering the fact that many drunk driving collisions in Rhode Island result in fatalities, it's remarkable that you survived. Hopefully, you have a strong support team that includes close friends and family members, medical teams and others who can help you achieve as full a recovery as possible.  

Studies show there are several things you can do to avoid drunk driving collisions. You may have implemented one or all of these ideas and still wound up suffering injury when someone made the irresponsible choice to drink and drive, then crashed into your vehicle or forced you off the road, into a ditch.  

Proactive steps to take to lower your risk for injury 

If you suffered moderate to minor injuries in a crash a drunk driver caused instead of winding up dead or seriously injured, it may be because you employed one or more of the following precautions

  • It is a fact that seat belts save lives. You should never drive without using proper seat restraint nor should you allow any passenger in your vehicle to do so. 
  • Road distance between cars matters. It's common to get stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic on busy Rhode Island roadways; however, the more space you can safely create between you and the cars in front of and behind you, the better. 
  • The time of day you travel may also be significant when it comes to lowering your risk for injury concerning drunk driving accidents. The later at night you're on the road, the greater your risk. 
  • Holidays and days immediately preceding or following them are highly dangerous times of year for motor vehicle travel. More drunk driving accidents occur at these times than non-holiday seasons.  

Drunk driving crashes often happen without warning. Then again, you may see a potential problem nearby and not be able to avert a crash due to traffic flow at the time. Even non-life-threatening injuries can cause you pain, economic loss and major inconvenience, especially if you have to take time off work to recover. You may also suffer serious emotional trauma, including trouble sleeping, mood swings, lack of appetite and other post-traumatic stress symptoms that can impede your ability to enjoy life.  

It's okay to reach out 

You don't have to go it alone as you try to cope with the aftermath of a drunk driving accident. There are licensed counselors, community support groups and legal representatives who can offer strong support as you try to get your life back on track.  

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