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Make a plan for handling your dog-bite injury

As we recently discussed, a dog bite might need medical attention in order to minimize the risk of infection. This is only one of the considerations that you have when you are attacked by a canine. We can help you find the plan that works for your circumstances.

The dog's status is important in these cases. Did the dog have a current rabies vaccination? Was it owned legally? Did it have a history of attacks? Was it classified as a vicious dog? All of these questions might help you decide on the direction of your case.

One point that you might consider is seeking compensation. This is important because there isn't any reason why you need should have to handle the financial implications that come with another person's dog attacking you.

Seeking compensation does have a basis in asking for the pet's owner to pay the bills that stemmed from attack. These might go far beyond what you think. Not only do you need to factor in basic medical care expenses, you also have to look into what medical bills you might have in the future. If you missed work, this has to be considered.

Another thing that seeking compensation does is hold the person accountable in court for their dog's actions. It sends a clear message that the person should have been a responsible dog owner but instead acted in a negligent manner.

We know that you have a lot on your mind right now. We are here to help you sort through everything and decide how to proceed with your claim.

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