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Now is a good time to review your child's education plan

Children will be returning to school soon. For parents who have students with special needs, this can be a trying time. The kids are probably just now adjusting to the winter vacation schedule, and now you have to get them back into the school day groove. Another challenge is ensuring that the child's education plan is still in their best interests.

Do not panic if your vehicle slides on icy roads

Rhode Island winter can be rough on individuals traveling the roadways. You undoubtedly want to get to your destinations as safely as possible, but icy roads could easily throw a wrench in your plans. Still, you can do your part to remain a safe driver while trying to navigate icy or snow-covered roads.

Try to prevent situations that might lead to litigation

You haven't worked this hard to build your company to have someone rip away the profits that you fought for. When you are facing claims of illegal activities from current or former employees, you need to take swift action. This is the case if you are being accused of wrongful termination, unchecked sexual harassment or any form of discrimination.

10 key statistics about dog bites

People often make jokes about dogs chasing mail carriers or barking at joggers as they go by on the sidewalk, but anyone who has been bitten by a dog knows that it is no joke. It can lead to serious pain, disfigurement, scarring and infection. It may need immediate medical care. In some cases, attacks lead to permanent disabilities or even become fatal.

Common violations of FMLA rights

When you or a family member welcomes a child or suffers an illness or injury, the last thing you need is to worry whether you will lose your job if you take off work to attend to the needs of your family. In the past, employees did not have much security if they needed to take time off for a family or health situation, which is why the federal government passed the Family and Medical Leave Act.


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