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6 dog bite warning signs

The fact that a dog is about to bite is not always obvious. Sure, there are cases when a snarling dog charges a jogger or something else that makes it very clear the dog is on the attack, but many bites are rather unexpected.

3 tips to help avoid a dog bite

You go jogging every other day, and you've seen plenty of dogs off their leashes in and around your neighborhood. You're always a bit worried that one is going to charge you and attack. Every time one looks up or starts trotting over, you get a bit nervous and start wondering what you can do to keep from getting bitten.

Girl requires surgery after saving boy from dog bites

A 10-year-old girl is in need of multiple surgeries after saving her 7-year-old friend from a vicious dog attack in Bridgeport. The two children were playing with a pit bull on Wednesday afternoon in a home, according to a police spokesperson, when the pit bull attacked the boy.

Medical expenses stemming from Rhode Island animal bites

Medical expenses can pile up quickly, even if you have health insurance. A common cause of out-of-pocket medical expenses is an animal bite. All types of animals can attack and cause humans plenty of pain and suffering. Today, we will discuss the medical expenses that stem from Rhode Island animal bites.

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