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Ableism and disability discrimination at work may warrant lawsuit

As someone with a disability, you may consider your condition an important part of your identity. You may not feel as if you would be "normal" without your disability, and you have not allowed your disability to hold you back when it comes to living your life in the way you desire. Of course, despite your driven mindset, you likely understand that you cannot control the way in which other people view you.

Unfair wages? Consult the Equal Pay Act of 1963

If you're one of the lucky ones in Rhode Island, you may have a dream job where going to work every day is a pleasure. In reality, even those who love their jobs often encounter challenges in the normal course of duty. In short, some workdays are better than others are. However, if you are currently facing a problem that you believe is far more serious than the average workday mishap, you may want to carefully assess the situation to determine how best to proceed to resolve the issue.  

Fatigue, frustration and complacency: Factors in many collisions

Have you ever been cut off in your driving lane by a driver who failed to yield or someone who unexpectedly made a lane change in front of you? Such experiences can be downright frightening and often lead to a collision. Drivers who exhibit unsafe behaviors like these behind the wheel are often distracted. There are also many people in Rhode Island who have worked long hours without much sleep, as well as some who often get lost in their own thoughts when they drive.

How to keep the kids happy and avoid selling the house in divorce

When you decided to divorce, you worried about all the stressful challenges that might await you in proceedings. In a high asset divorce, you have to be careful to protect your interests. One of your major concerns was your home; you really didn't want to have to sell it, and you definitely didn't want to have to tell your children they were going to move. They have lots of friends in your Rhode Island neighborhood, and a move might also mean a new school district.

Hitting your head can cause problems now and in the future

With all of the other injuries that you may suffer as a pedestrian, a head injury may top the list of those that can alter your life forever. Broken bones, cuts and scrapes, and other physical wounds may take their toll on you for a while, but you may not be able to shake all of the effects of a traumatic brain injury.

Not sure if you qualify for unemployment benefits? Let us help

Losing a job can be one of the most terrifying experiences you ever go through. Even if you have savings, that money will not last forever, and the funds will likely quickly dwindle as you continue paying rent or a mortgage, purchasing groceries, and writing checks for your car loan.

Did your employer violate your rights by firing you?

If you recently lost your job and feel that the events leading up to your termination may have violated your rights in some way, you are likely not the only person in Rhode Island currently facing such problems. No matter if you worked at your place of employment for decades or it was a rather new position you only held for a month or so, if you believe your employer wrongfully terminated you, you may want to seek justice.

Why was I denied unemployment benefits?

You lost your job. You will probably never forget the look on your spouse's face when you shared the news. Even if you have experienced losing a job in the past, it doesn't prepare you for the embarrassment and panic that hits you when your employer lets you go. How will you feed your family? Will you lose your home? Where are you going to find another job that pays what you need to survive?


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