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Financial planning for a second marriage

When people in Rhode Island decide to remarry, they may want to integrate lessons that they learned from an earlier marriage and divorce. Because financial issues can lead to so many conflicts, people may want to enter a second or later marriage with a clear financial plan in place. In addition, many people remarry at a later age, and both partners may bring with them significant assets as well as children from an earlier marriage. Statistics indicate that 40% of all marriages involve people who have been married at least once in the past.

Be cautious on social media during your divorce

For many, social media is a daily part of their lives. Your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter accounts and more may be some of the first things you check in the morning and some of the last you check at night. Whether you actively or passively participate in your social media networks, going through a divorce can complicate any sort of social media usage.

Traditional marriages may fail when wives earn more money

Many relationships in Rhode Island may run into trouble if a wife makes more money than the husband. Men have been the traditional breadwinners throughout history. Consequently, a woman who earns a high income could make her husband feel anxious. While some men accept the fact that their wives earn higher salaries, others let the issue permeate and morph into bigger problems.

Tasks to accomplish after a divorce

The finalizing of a divorce can provide a sense of relief for many Rhode Island residents. While these individuals may be anxious to move on and start over, there are certain tasks that need to be accomplished in a timely fashion after a divorce. Doing the following things can help a person get that fresh start and protect him or herself.


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