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In 1986, Congress passed a medical insurance benefit plan called the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, commonly referred to as COBRA. COBRA grants employees who have quit or been terminated the ability to maintain group health care coverage for an extended period of time.

COBRA makes it possible for a former employee to independently pay for group medical coverage, including plans for dental, vision, or prescription drugs. However, there are certain requirements and restrictions which must be accounted for by employers.

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At the law firm of Robinson & Clapham, in Providence, Rhode Island, we work with clients who are no longer employed by a company but wish to extend their health benefits through COBRA. Although the law lays out specific COBRA requirements, some employers choose to deny former employees their rights concerning continuing medical coverage.

Our employment law attorneys have more than 50 years of combined experience helping employees stand up against unjust employment actions. Through personalized service and strategic planning, we are prepared to help you receive the benefits to which you are entitled. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

COBRA Compliance Requirements

COBRA typically applies to employers with at least 20 employees. Private, state and municipal employers are all expected to abide by COBRA regulations, but the federal government and church-related organizations are exempt.

Coverage Under COBRA

Employees or their eligible dependents can obtain COBRA coverage if any of the following qualifying events occur:

  • Voluntary or involuntary termination
  • Reduction in the number of working hours
  • Divorce or legal separation from a covered employee
  • Employee becoming eligible for Medicare
  • Death of a covered employee

Please note, an employee or dependent who wishes to retain health insurance via COBRA must pay for the coverage, including any portion of the premium previously paid by the employer.

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