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Tips for reducing co-parenting stress

On Behalf of | Nov 24, 2023 | Family Law

Parents who are going through divorce can have an understandably hard time adjusting to a co-parenting relationship with their ex. This change in dynamic is not an easy process.

Thankfully, there are a few things that former romantic partners can do to better ensure that they’re maintaining a healthy dynamic for their own benefit and for the sake of their kids. If you find yourself in this situation, the following tips can prove to be very helpful.

Focus on the present and future

It’s easy to live in the past, but you can’t do that when you’re co-parenting. Focusing on the future enables you to make decisions that you feel are best for the children.

Maintain professional communication

Communication with your ex should be handled in a professional manner. It may help you to think of this as a business-like situation. There might not need to be any special considerations for when things are going well, but you need to have a plan for what should occur if the situation devolves. Having conflict resolution methods at the ready, such as taking a step back to cool down, may be beneficial when contentious matters take the stage.

Compromise for the child’s best interests

Co-parenting is a give and take relationship. Instead of trying to be strict about following the schedule, think about what’s best for the children. Both parents should be willing to make concessions for the other one so the children can thrive in this situation.

Take time for self-care

Taking time to take care of yourself is important. This might be easier when your ex has the children with them. Some people think this is the optimal time to get other stuff done. That’s understandable but be sure you take time for yourself, too.

Getting your parenting plan in order as quickly as possible after the split can help everyone involved. This should include all the terms of the co-parenting relationship, including the schedule you’ll follow, decision making powers and conflict resolution matters. Seeking legal guidance accordingly can help to ensure that expectations are set and that your interests are safeguarded as soon as possible after your romantic relationship with your child’s other parent ends.