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Know how to handle negotiations at the end of your marriage

Negotiations are often used to come up with the terms of a divorce. Many people don't realize that even if you and your ex come up with the terms together, you will still need to get the court to sign off on it so that the end of the marriage can be legally finalized.

When you and your ex can work together, you will find that the process is much smoother. Going into the meetings with minimal expectations might help you so that you aren't disappointed when you don't walk away with the exact settlement that you thought you wanted.

What schooling plans exist for special education students?

For parents who have children with special learning needs, the back-to-school season is one that comes with lots of stress. The parents want their children to have a good learning experience but they might not feel confident that the school is going to provide the environment or assistance the children need.

Schools use two primary tools to help ensure that children get the help they need. These are the 504 plan and the individualized education program (IEP). While some people use these terms interchangeably, they are actually very different.

Explore the possibility of a personal injury lawsuit for a wreck

The aftermath of a car crash is often overwhelming. You are dealing with the aches and pains of the wreck while you also have to work with insurance companies and handle normal life events. We understand that you might need to take it easy for a while, but there is one thing that you need to start thinking about right away – your right to seek compensation for the damages of the crash.

When another driver hits you, there isn't any good reason why you should be the one who has to deal with the financial devastation that can result. The civil court system in this country provides a way for you to hold the other driver financially liable for the wreck.

Employment retaliation through wrongful termination is illegal

Finding out that you were terminated from a job you need is a traumatic experience. People who are in this position might not think that they have many rights but there are some that they do have. One thing that no workers should have to deal with is being fired as a retaliatory measure.

There are specific reasons why your employer can't terminate you, even in a right-to-work state. You can't be let go because you filed a factual complaint against another worker or the company. The employer also can't take negative employment actions like reducing your hours or pay. They also must not change your shift to a less desirable one.

Does your child need special education services?

Now that the school year is underway, you may be noticing evidence that your child is frustrated. Even in these early weeks of the school year, you may see your child struggle to complete homework. Perhaps you have already received correspondence from your child's teacher regarding your child's academic progress or behavior.

It is understandable to feel confused and worried, and you are not alone if you even feel a little embarrassed. However, many families must face the fact that their children have issues that are complicating their ability to learn. The sooner you seek the appropriate assistance, the more chances your child will have to succeed.

Plan for the end of your marriage if it is falling apart

Divorce doesn't happen overnight. But often there are many indicators that things are going south. If this is happening in your marriage, you must be prepared for it. We can help you to get your affairs in order so that you have what you need to legally end your marriage.

There are three main areas of the divorce that you need prepare for – child custody, support payments and property division. Each of these is important and may be applicable. The thing to remember is that these are all independent aspects of the divorce that you must work on one at a time.

Google case highlights many employment issues

It is not unusual for an employee to face more than one dilemma at work. If you have dealt with harassment or discrimination, you may also have faced retaliation or even unjust termination.

Unfortunately, the wrongful treatment of employees is common in many industries, and you may work in one of those fields where one gender faces a more difficult road when it comes to equal opportunities, treatment and pay. It may help to know there are resources available to assist you if you suffer mistreatment on the job.

Educating the high-functioning autistic

Is your child a high-functioning autistic? The term "high-functioning" means different things to different people, but when it comes to your child's education, it may translate to one particular problem — getting services for them.

Despite all of the educational efforts aimed at the schools about the different ways that autism can affect individuals, many school districts persist in clinging to outdated perceptions of what "autism" looks like. For high-functioning autistic children, this often means one of two things:

  1. The school wants to put the child into a special "autistic" classroom that is designed for children with severe verbal and behavioral difficulties.
  2. The school decides that your child has somehow "outgrown" their autism and wants to force him or her off an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and into regular classrooms with no accommodations.

Make a plan for handling your dog-bite injury

As we recently discussed, a dog bite might need medical attention in order to minimize the risk of infection. This is only one of the considerations that you have when you are attacked by a canine. We can help you find the plan that works for your circumstances.

The dog's status is important in these cases. Did the dog have a current rabies vaccination? Was it owned legally? Did it have a history of attacks? Was it classified as a vicious dog? All of these questions might help you decide on the direction of your case.

Dog bites need medical attention to prevent infection

As the summer months march on, people are spending time outside. Sometimes, animals are out with their humans. It is imperative that all dog owners ensure that their pets are behaving in an appropriate manner. When a dog is too aggressive to be around humans, it should be properly contained.

There is a chance that a person will be attacked when a vicious dog isn't contained. The bite wounds that result can be very painful and will likely require medical care. One reason why you need to be sure that you see a doctor is that there is a very real possibility of infection with these wounds.


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