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Try to limit conflict during your divorce

You might think that going through a divorce means that you will have to deal with constant conflict. The truth is that you and your ex can decide to have an amicable divorce if you are both willing to work together. This must be based on mutual respect and a willingness to compromise.

You might be able to make this easier by keeping the situation similar to a business transaction. Trying to remain friends with an ex might be a good idea, but you shouldn't rush into this while your emotions are still peaked from the end of the marriage.

You have 3 years to file your car wreck claim for compensation

A person who is in a car wreck has a lot to worry about. These concerns start at the scene of the crash. You have to make sure that you get the medical care you need and that you are gathering possible evidence at the scene of the accident. Remember that you can't touch evidence, but you can get pictures of things like the damage to the car and the area around the crash.

When you are discussing things about the crash, make sure that you aren't saying anything that will make it appear as though you are accepting the responsibility for the car crash. This means that you can't apologize for the wreck since someone might take that as you saying you caused it. Of course, you must always tell the truth about what happened.

Finding conflict resolutions in child custody cases

There are times when a co-parenting situation is so contentious that you and your ex just can't seem to agree on anything. This makes it difficult to provide a stable environment that lets your children thrive. When this happens, you have to find productive ways to handle the conflict so that your child reaps the benefits of a united parental front.

You should remember that parenting is often a compromise. This is difficult for many people because they don't want to cede to their ex's wishes. When you are co-parenting, you have to be willing to put your children first so that they can have the best life possible. Sometimes, this means seeking various solutions to contentious parenting issues that might impact the kids.

Now is a good time to review your child's education plan

Children will be returning to school soon. For parents who have students with special needs, this can be a trying time. The kids are probably just now adjusting to the winter vacation schedule, and now you have to get them back into the school day groove. Another challenge is ensuring that the child's education plan is still in their best interests.

It is a good idea to touch base with the teachers when school is back in session so that you can make sure that everyone is on the same page about what needs to happen. This gives you the chance to find out if there are any unresolved problems that need to be addressed. We know that this might be challenging, but it is likely what is best for your child.

Do not panic if your vehicle slides on icy roads

Rhode Island winter can be rough on individuals traveling the roadways. You undoubtedly want to get to your destinations as safely as possible, but icy roads could easily throw a wrench in your plans. Still, you can do your part to remain a safe driver while trying to navigate icy or snow-covered roads.

In winter -- or any time inclement weather presents an issue --, it is always wise to give yourself more time to get to your destinations. This step prevents you from getting in a hurry, and it allows you to slow down. Driving more slowly on icy roads can greatly decrease the chances of your vehicle sliding.

Prepare for the first Christmas after the end of your marriage

The year of firsts during and after a divorce can be hard to cope with. You are likely going to experience a vast array of emotions. Christmas is no exception. You have to try to think ahead about what you might feel and need on this special day of the year.

One thing to remember is that this is a time to enjoy family members and friends. Now is the perfect time to renew relationships that might have suffered a bit while you were married. If your family has a holiday celebration, you should consider attending, even if you normally wouldn't. This gives you a chance to enjoy them during this special time of year.

Try to prevent situations that might lead to litigation

You haven't worked this hard to build your company to have someone rip away the profits that you fought for. When you are facing claims of illegal activities from current or former employees, you need to take swift action. This is the case if you are being accused of wrongful termination, unchecked sexual harassment or any form of discrimination.

While it is easy to think that disgruntled employees will simply move on without actually taking action against your company, you need to remember that some of them might follow through with their threats. You need to start working on the defense you will employ right away. We are here to help you keep your company protected from these sorts of claims.

10 key statistics about dog bites

People often make jokes about dogs chasing mail carriers or barking at joggers as they go by on the sidewalk, but anyone who has been bitten by a dog knows that it is no joke. It can lead to serious pain, disfigurement, scarring and infection. It may need immediate medical care. In some cases, attacks lead to permanent disabilities or even become fatal.

With that in mind, here are 10 important statistics about both dogs and dog bites:

  1. About 36.5 percent of families have pet dogs.
  2. Some estimates indicate that there are 108 bites for every 100,000 people in the United States.
  3. Children between 0 and 3 years old are at greater risk of injuries to the head and face.
  4. 27.2 percent of cases involve pit bulls.
  5. When looking specifically at pit bulls, children from 13 years old to 18 years old see the highest percentage of bites.
  6. When looking at kids at or under 3 years old, most bites come from Shih Tzus.
  7. 10.5 percent of all bites come from German Shepherds, placing them second only to pit bulls.
  8. 72 percent of bites in one study happened to adults who were over 18 years old.
  9. When looking at adults, women represented 57.2 percent of all bite victims.
  10. When adding children in and looking at all age groups, though, men were more likely to get bitten.

Common violations of FMLA rights

When you or a family member welcomes a child or suffers an illness or injury, the last thing you need is to worry whether you will lose your job if you take off work to attend to the needs of your family. In the past, employees did not have much security if they needed to take time off for a family or health situation, which is why the federal government passed the Family and Medical Leave Act.

This law protects you if you need to step away from your job temporarily due to a health matter in your family. Of course, just because such a law exists does not mean all employers will comply with its regulations, and you may nevertheless find yourself facing difficult times if your boss violates the rules of FMLA.

Protect your interests during a divorce

Many people who divorce focus exclusively on the present, ignoring the future. You might end up making some financial mistakes if you do this, so make sure that you are thinking about the long term when you are evaluating what's going on during the end of your marriage.

One thing to remember is that you might have goals that aren't the same as another person's, so you shouldn't base your decisions off of what someone else did. Once you set your budget for the split, you will have a more accurate account of what you can afford. This helps when you are dividing up property since you can determine whether you can afford to pay the costs associated with specific assets.


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