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Tips for moving past the divorce when you have shared children

One of the most difficult things to do when you are going through a divorce is figuring out what your new relationship with your ex will be like. If you don't have children together, you can make a clean break and never have to deal with each other after the split. Things are a bit more complicated if you do have kids together because you will still remain in contact because of them.

It might be tempting to just fall back into old patterns of dealing with your ex, but this isn't a good idea. The old way of doing things is what led to your divorce, so avoid doing that. Plus, you don't have to do things just to pacify your ex now. You are your own person who is making their own way now.

Any dog bite can cause serious injuries

Dog owners who assure you their dogs don't bite do not understand the nature of a dog. As gentle and loving as a dog may be, it still has animal instincts of self-protection and territoriality. Then again, some dogs are simply aggressive.

A dog owner in Rhode Island is responsible for the behavior of his or her dog. While many pet parents take care to keep their animals under control at all times, dogs can still be unpredictable. If you or your child suffered injuries from a dog bite, you may have many concerns and questions.

Why do long-term disability benefits get denied?

Employees who pay for long-term disability (LTD) benefits are often shocked to learn the insurance company refuses to pay when a disability strikes. Some of the most common reasons employer-provided LTD benefits get denied include:

Know what leave rights you have as an employee

Employers have a duty to ensure that employees' rights are being upheld in the workplace. One of these is that they are due the benefits of the Family and Medical Leave Act if they meet the qualifications for it and have a situation that warrants the leave time.

There are many things that employers need to know about the FMLA. Employees who are aware of all these points can help to ensure they are getting the leave they are due.

Know your plans for your divorce

The end of a marriage is a troubling time for a lot of reasons. Not only do you have to handle the logistics of the split, but you also have to work through the emotional aspects of the split. The terms of the divorce are central to what's going to happen now. Trying to work through the process of getting the property divided and the plans made for the children can increase your stress during this time.

We realize that you might have some questions about what you can do about these matters. The fact is that we need to take them one decision at a time. You can't base your decisions on what happened to someone else. Divorce is a very personal matter that has to be handled individually.

Mind breaks might benefit special education students

One thing that parents who have children in mainstream classrooms don't understand is the need for special needs students to have regular breaks. Even adults can benefit from taking frequent breaks. Research notes that they are most productive when they take 17-minute breaks in between 52-minute work periods. Some people might think that it is better to keep special needs students busy all the time, but this is counterproductive.

Students who are following any curriculum in school will likely need to take breaks. It is a good idea for teachers to give the kids a 5- to 10-minute break before they start each lesson. This gives the brain a chance to reset and prepare to absorb the new lessons that are coming.

What are my grandparent's rights in Rhode Island?

Like most grandparents, you adore your grandchildren. You may see your own children in their faces, and you now have the opportunity to shower them with the tenderness you may not have had time for in the harried and insecure days of parenthood. Unfortunately, if your child is heading for divorce, you may have concerns about how it will affect your relationship with your grandchildren.

In many cases, divorcing parents are able to overcome their personal conflicts and consider the needs and desires of grandparents. They may arrange regular visitation and remember to include grandparents in family events. If you suspect this will not be the case with your child's divorce, you may wonder what Rhode Island laws provide in the area of grandparent rights.

Rotten job or hostile environment?

Since the advent of the #metoo movement and other high-profile cases involving the mistreatment of employees, more employers are making an effort to create safe and comfortable work environments. Nevertheless, every workplace brings together the personalities and behaviors of diverse people, and you may feel your place of employment is among those that has not gotten the memo about how to treat employees.

Perhaps a certain co-worker is not easy to get along with. Maybe you even dread going to work because this person is rude, inconsiderate or hypercritical. You may have a boss who is demanding, never satisfied and unappreciative of your efforts. However, even if all these elements exist in your workplace, you may not have reason to complain about a hostile work environment.

Consider what you can afford during property division negotiation

Dealing with the legal process of divorce can be very stressful. One thing that can make it even more difficult occurs when you don't know what to expect and don't have any idea of what options you have. For this reason, taking the time to go over the circumstances of the split might benefit you. This will give you a chance to review the possible options you have for handling various aspects of the divorce without having to feel a lot of pressure because you need an answer about something right away.

The property division process is sometimes one of the most difficult aspects of divorce because you have to split all of the assets and debts you have from the marriage. Oftentimes, the process will start with deciding who is going to get the larger assets. The smaller ones and the debts can all be used to balance out the agreement in a suitable manner.

Dram shop laws help victims of DUI-related accidents seek relief

Every year, numerous Rhode Island residents suffer injuries or lose loved ones in DUI-related auto accidents. If you are one of the unlucky few negatively affected by such an incident, you may seek relief for your losses by filing legal claims against the driver responsible. Did you know you also may have the ability to file legal claims against the establishment or party host who served alcohol to the responsible party?

Many people are not aware that this is an option. Dram shop laws make this possible. Certain elements must exist in your case in order to pursue a dram shop claim.


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