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Engaging virtual visitation ideas for kids who aren’t chatty

On Behalf of | May 21, 2024 | Family Law

Navigating virtual visitation in meaningful ways consistently can be challenging for co-parents even under the best circumstances. When children aren’t particularly chatty, this undertaking can be even tougher. 

Thankfully, there are a host of ways to make virtual visitation arrangements more enjoyable for co-parents and kids alike, even if young kids, tweens or teens aren’t in the mood to share much about the events of the day or their own inner monologue. If you’re a co-parent looking to fill the silence of your video chats with your kids, consider some of the following ideas. 

Storytime and game nights 

Reading books together can be a wonderful bonding activity. Choose books that your child loves and take turns reading. If your child is younger, opt for picture books with bright illustrations. For older kids, you can select chapters from a favorite novel. Engaging in storytime regularly can ultimately foster a love for reading.

Games can also be a great way to interact without the pressure of constant conversation. Online platforms offer a variety of family-friendly games that can be played together. From classic board games like Monopoly to interactive video games, there are many options to choose from. You can also try trivia games or simple card games to keep the mood light and fun.

Cooking and crafts 

If your child is interested, you can plan a virtual cooking session where you and your child prepare the same recipe in your respective kitchens. This can be as simple as making sandwiches or as involved as baking a cake. Cooking together can provide a sense of shared accomplishment and create opportunities for natural conversation.

Or perhaps you could engage in arts and crafts activities during your virtual visits. You can both work on the same project, such as drawing, painting or building something with LEGO bricks. This allows for creativity and can be a soothing activity for kids who might be less inclined to talk. Sharing your creations at the end can be a proud moment for both of you.

Have an adventure

If you have a curious and/or cerebral child, you can even explore museums, zoos or historical sites online. Many institutions offer virtual tours that can be both educational and entertaining. Choose a location that interests your child and explore it together. Discussing what you see can lead to interesting conversations and shared learning experiences.

By incorporating these activities, virtual visitation can become a more enjoyable and less pressured experience for both you and your child. The key is to find activities that resonate with your child’s interests and create a space where interaction can happen naturally.