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Rhode Island Lawyers Helping Clients Fight Employer Fraud

Are you aware that your employer is intentionally defrauding the federal government? If so, you may be able to file a lawsuit known as a qui tam action. This allows the government to recover money it has lost due to the fraud. As a whistleblower filing a qui tam action, you will be entitled to a percentage of the funds recovered.

At Robinson & Clapham, in Providence, Rhode Island, we assist clients in pursuing qui tam actions to expose their employer’s fraudulent conduct. With more than 50 years of combined employment law experience, our attorneys are also able to protect clients from acts of retaliation for filing a qui tam action, including harassment or wrongful termination.

To make certain your rights are protected under the federal False Claims Act, speak with a knowledgeable lawyer. Contact us to arrange a confidential consultation.

Filing A Qui Tam Claim

Any employee with evidence of their employer defrauding the federal government can file a qui tam action. In general, these fraudulent actions/false claims include:

  • Overcharging the government
  • Charging for services never rendered
  • Selling a product and not delivering
  • False reports about product quality
  • Improper product testing

Our firm is committed to helping you combat suspected fraud and protecting you from any employer retaliation.

Qui Tam Rewards

In successful qui tam cases, the government rewards whistleblowers a portion of recovered monies, ranging from 15 to 25 percent of the total. If the Department of Justice chooses not to move forward with a case, an individual can still pursue an action on their own with the assistance of lawyer knowledgeable about qui tam regulations.

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