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How Our Providence IEPs Attorneys Can Assist With Your Child’s IEP Or 504 Plan

If your child has special educational needs and or suffers from a disability, he has certain rights concerning his education under state and federal law. A Robinson & Clapham attorney can review your child’s case and help ensure the school is properly meeting your child’s needs.

How An IEP Can Benefit Your Child

If your child receives special education, he or she is entitled to an Individualized Education Plan. As your Providence IEPs attorney understands, it can often seem like the school doesn’t fully understand what’s contained in your child’s IEP. The IEP should contain an individualized plan that is unique to your child’s particular learning or physical challenges. As your Providence IEPs attorney can discuss, the IEP should be flexible and aimed at specific goals your child must meet that take into account his or her specific challenges. The IEP is a collaborative document and you, as a parent are entitled to input.

How The Law Protects Students With Disabilities

As your Providence IEPs attorney can explain, under Section 504 of the Americans With Disabilities Act, students who are receiving public education are entitled to reasonable accommodations aimed at providing students with disabilities a free and appropriate education. 504 plans may be needed for children with physical disabilities in the form of ramps and other types of barrier-free access to facilities. As your Providence 504 plans lawyer can explain, a 504 plan can be used to address learning disabilities as well. For example, if you have a child with severe dyslexia, they may need special accommodations such as verbal as opposed to written tests.

If you feel your school is not following your child’s IEP or 504 plan, discuss the issue with a Providence 504 plans lawyer who can advise you of your best legal options.

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